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Editorial Calendar

January: Automation and Communications Technology

February: Annual Buyer's Guide Issue / Purchasing

March: New Era Packaging

April: Environmental, Health and Safety / Spring Trade Shows

May: Manufacturing and Production

June: Plant Maintenance and Facilities Management

July-August: Energy Management and Technology

September: Supply Chain Management / Waste Management

October: Manufacturing and Production

November: Materials Handling / Logistics

December: Year-End Planning


Guidelines for submission of editorial/news copy

Manufacturers’ Mart welcomes submissions of articles and product releases geared to manufacturing and production. The deadline for submitting articles is the 20th of the month prior to the publication date for a particular issue. For successful placement, an article should be relevant to the editorial focus of the issue for which it is submitted. For example, an article about an environmentally friendly parts washer should be submitted by March 20 for publication in our April issue, the focus of which is environmental, health and safety. Please check our editorial calendar to find out which issue best suits your article. Submitted material will be used at the discretion of the editor on a space-available basis, with priority given to advertising clientele. Late submissions will be considered at the discretion of the editor.

Ideally, product releases should be between 250-350 words. Please include a photo if possible. Photos should be no less than 150 dpi and no more than 300 dpi. Due to limited server space, submissions received via email that exceed 2 MB will be automatically deleted. Please submit complete contact information for the company whose product is being described, including address, phone number, e-mail and web site url.

In addition to product releases, Manufacturers’ Mart accepts case studies that describe how a company made use of a particular product or technology to solve a problem or improve a process. Case studies should be between 500-800 words, with or without photo.

Manufacturers’ Mart is always eager to publish feature stories of 1000-1500 words that are in keeping with the editorial focus for that particular issue. Feature stories should present general information about a particular technology, industry trend or application of interest to manufacturers. Features are a good way to demonstrate expertise in a particular area, and often generate inquiries. Please consult our editorial calendar to determine which issue best suits your submission.

Manufacturers’ Mart is unable to compensate authors for any submitted material.

Each month, Manufacturers’ Mart publishes a calendar of events of interest to manufacturers. These listings are free of charge and are a good way to promote your meetings, seminars, workshops, and trade shows. For best results, please submit your information as far in advance of the event as possible. You are encouraged to include a promotional press release with your calendar listing for consideration as a “featured event”.

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